The team

Our philosophy

Whether you are overbooked or not, you should always take a little time to share a beer with friends!


Every story has its beginning:

An idea in mind…

A wedding in sight and the desire to offer something different at the event.



I am one of the privileged people who are constantly immersed in my Spanish culture and French culture, it is always a pleasure to share everything that makes our region so unique!
Passionate about the sea, I started surfing thanks to Baptiste and I admit that it is pure pleasure.



Passionate about surfing and fascinated by wetsuits since childhood, it was a childhood dream to have one.
This dream came true when I sought to mark the minds of my guests for my wedding. This is where the adventure began.

“Hey Maikel, how about we team up to create a combi with beer taps?”

Swell Kombi...Who we are?

Now partners in the Swell Kombi company, we have pooled our passion and our knowledge to develop this unique concept in the Basque Country. This is why it is obvious for us to make you discover the know-how of our local brewers and their unique beers.

… A project that takes shape …

… And a great adventure that begins.